Various Loop Trails

Various Loop Trails

Loop Trails Adjoining The Lavender Trails

Mt Horrocks panoramic view still dry _3635

Mount Horrocks Loop Trail

Walking only – Map 6
Panoramic Views of this historic region.
Included In the “Clare Valley Short Walks”.
This 570 meters lookout loop trail gives spectacular uninterrupted views to the south and west, well worth the 900m loop walk
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Point Pass Loop Trail from the hills

Point Pass Loop Trail

Walking only – Map 5
Linking the Lavender Federation Trail with the small hamlet of Point Pass where you can find a camp spot at the Oval and a drink and meal at the Point Pass Hotel.

Eudunda Inspiration Point Loop Trail - 6km descent

Eudunda Inspiration Point Loop Trail

Walking, Cycling, Horse, Driving – Map 5
54 kilometres with over 400 metres of climbing. Note: Walking & Cycling differ slightly
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Eudunda Southern Ridge Loop

Eudunda Southern Ridge Loop Trail

Walking, Cycling, Horse, Driving – Map 4
31 km loop trail to the South of Eudunda. Mostly gravel, some clay, some moderate uphill and downhill, quiet backroads, great views and some historic areas.

Moculta Loop Trail - Gnadenberg Zion Lutheran Church built in 1860

Moculta Loop Trail

Walking – Map 3
10.5km Quiet unmade roads starting at the Moculta Oval, linking the Lavender Federation Trail with the Kidman Trail providing further opportunities to explore.

Eden Valley Loop Trail

Eden Valley Loop Trail

Walking – Map 3
18 km for a great day walk if you are fit, including a lookout with impressive views, linking into the Lavender Federation Trail.

Springton Loop Trail

Springton Loop Trail

Walking & Cycling – Map 2 & 3
Various alternative lengths to suit time & energy
Main Loop 17km, via Koop Creek Road 13km,
via Carters Road 8.2km. The trail passes many historic sites, finishing with a short tour of the township.

Tungkillo to Springton - Creek Mt Pleasant

Mt Pleasant Loop Trail

Walking – Map 2
23 km. Commencing in the main street of the township, the trail offers a number of options with interconnection with the Lavender Federation Trail, Tungkillo Loop Trail and the LFT (M2C) cycling trail.

Tungkillo Loop Trail

Tunkillo Loop Trail

Walking – Map 2
17km walk incorporating part of the main trail and starting and finishing within a few minutes drive of Tunkillo at Hardings Road or several other starting points (see map 2).

Kinchina Conservation Park Trails - Jailbreak Trail

Kinchina Conservation Park Trails

Multiple Walking & Cycling – Map 1
Loop & Spur Trails
Opened on the 6th November 2016 the 414 ha Conservation Park is located in the hills on the edge of Murray Bridge has an extensive network of loop and spur trails, developed for various walking and cycling activities of which the Lavender Federation Trail is rated Intermediate, easy tri­al runs east to west through the park. 

Clare Valley Wine & Wilderness Trail

The Clare Valley Wine and Wilderness Trail

Map & GPS on Website
110km Loop Trail exploring the Clare Valley. (when finished)
Stages 1, 2, 5 & 6 of the The Clare Valley Wine and Wilderness Trail are open and can be completed at any time.
Much of the trail is through private property, we thank our many landholders for supporting the trail and permitting access. We ask all users to please observe the rules when accessing these areas

Neagles Rock view
Neagles Rock Loop Trail

Walking – Map 6
Included In the “Clare Valley Short Walks”.
This loop trail to Neagles Rock Lookout near Clare is well worth the walk for its spectacular panoramic views.
Find out more on the WalkingSA website.

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