Current Projects

Current Trail Projects

Wine and Wilderness Trail (WWT)

The Wine and Wilderness trail is being constructed as a 100km trail around Clare. It’s purpose is to link wineries and take advantage of the countryside. The trail organising group is led by Tim Grigg and Michael Nugent. Some time ago they approached us (SARTI) and we agreed to adopt them as a subcommittee so that they could benefit from our insurance. At the same time George Adams and his workmates constructed ten stiles for them which we passed to them at cost. Having walked the first half of the trail section, I can report that they have been excellently installed.

The trail has two variants, like the Lavender Federation Trail, one for walkers and one for cyclists. Plans are afoot to complete the remaining 4 stages of the WWT by this time next year, creating a 100km trail which will provide benefits to the local tourism, hospitality and health of the community.

Eden Valley Loop Trails

The Eden Valley progress Association is developing two walking trail loops. We are working with them at the planning stage

Encompass KI

This is a project for a walking and cycling trail to circle Kangaroo Island. A project group has been formed. We have provided our constitution for them to plagiarise in order to become an incorporated body and thus raise funds. We have visited them and held initial discussions on issues to be addressed.

Lavender Cycling Trail Marking

We propose to mark the Lavender Cycling Trail in two stages. Firstly marking those points where the walking and cycling trails diverge. Subsequently we will install additional markers to avoid route confusion.

Murray Coorong Trail

A major trail from Salt Creek in the Coorong to Cadell. Murray Bridge resident Board Members have been working with the three councils involved.

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